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 Portable Satellite Kit with 64cm Dish Easy Find LNB and Receiver  Maxview 66cm Manual Crank Up Dish

& commercial

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Portable Satellite Kits and Products for Domestic use.

Local Installations / Repairs
Telephone Melksham TV Communications 
on 01225 351985
Or see our installation website

Over 20 years experience in satellite & TV aerial Installations. 
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Portable Satellite

HD Goods

For Caravans & Motorhomes

HD Distribution

Portable Satellite & Aerial Kits
Details & Prices

MX-0808-Pro 8 x 8 Twin UTP Matrix
Watch & control HD 
in other rooms

Details & Prices

Floor / Roof Mounted

 From 㵭ዼ/font>

 Satellite & Aerial Installations

All work meter tested & Guaranteed

Free Estimates

Reasonable Prices

Sky Goods, Remotes Etc

From the Dish to Distribution

Sky Remotes
Sky TV Links
Satellite Cable
Distribution Goods

sky digidish 45cm
Remote Controls

Remotes From ஹ5

Special Offers

Bracketry & TV Aerials

Digital TV Aerials, Brackets, Poles Etc 

Satellite Wall Bracket 30cm

Brackets & Poles

Digital TV Aerial & 10m Digital Cable
DAB & FM Aerials
TV Aerials

Cable, Amps, Meters & Tools

Free advice on our products, from a
TV point to Commercial systems

Cable Ends & Tools
Splitters & Combiners

5m Satellite Cable with coupler and Clips (Ready Made)
Pre-Made satellite
Cable various Lengths

Meters From 

From 

Commercial & Faceplates

Install your own distribution system
We have all the goods you need  

Fibre Optical Goods
Distribute signals 
1 mile away
Fibre Optics
Commercial Goods

Sat/Sat Wallplate (Twin)

Ready made or 
Design your own

Further Information

Special Offers

New Products: HD Distribution
High Definition on every TV point.

Special Offers
Sky Dish & Quad LNB

Special Offers
Ready Made Cables

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