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Forced Downloads

A forced download instructs the Sky digibox to download the latest software version from the Sky digital satellite, once completed any new channels or changes that have been made to the Sky programme guide will become apparent. This is very usefull if you have not used the Sky box for some time IE: moving house etc, plus it is essential for all new installations.
Forced DownloadPress and hold the "back up" button on the front of the receiver (Not the handset), whilst keeping the back up button pressed, switch the "receiver off at the mains" then back on. After approx 10 to 20 seconds all the lights on the front of the receiver will come on followed by a message on screen (If connected via a scart lead). The message will indicate that the system software is being updated and please leave for 10 minutes you can now release the "Back up" button. On some of the newer faster digiboxes this may only take 5 minutes, once completed the message will disappear from the screen, leave for approx 30 seconds and press the sky button to resume normal operation. By going to "Services" then "System Set up" you will see that the software version has now been changed and is fully updated.

NB: We have experienced some problems recently where downloads have either taken longer or the system has not been immediately updated. This we are informed is due to the additional information required for the new ITV channels etc. It may be a temporary blip but if this happens do not worry, the box will be automatically updated as it receives the signals but it may take a few days.



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