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satellite compass

Satellite Compasses 360 Degree compass with usefull Astra 1, 2 and Hotbird  satellite indicators.
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satellite cable

Cable & Clips
BSKYB Approved High quality Satellite cable (double screened). 

CT100 Type single cable, CT63 Twin Satellite Cable for Sky plus and CT125 Satellite heavy duty cable for long runs etc:
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coax plugs f connectors Couplers, Plugs and Connectors 
Coax plugs, F Type ends, couplers and tools.

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satellite fixing bolts Fixing Bolts  
For fixing satellite dishes or TV aerial brackets
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Snap N Seal "F" Type satellite ends. 
High Quality professional F type ends (Requires snap on tool
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Horizon Satellite Meter

Alignment meters for Satellite TV and TV Aerials 
Range of meters from budget type to professional meters
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Sat/Sat Wallplate (Twin) Wall Plates 
Single / Multi or Build your own Modular type. White plastic or Stainless Steel, for the complete range see our latest prices link below.
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5m Satellite Cable with coupler and Clips (Ready Made)

Satellite Install Kit (Pre Made Cable)

Various Lengths, Includes Satellite cable, Cable clips and "F" Type ends.
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Blast Plates

Includes blast plates, sealant, amalgamating tape outdoor boxes etc.
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Stacker / DeStacker   
2 Satellite feeds down only one Cable, ideal for Sky Plus or Sky HD where only one cable is  available.

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Smart Surface Trunking

Surface Trunking   
Discrete, decorative cable trunking, ideal for running cables to wall mounted TV's.

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satellite switch Switches for TV aerials and Satellite TV  
Switch between satellite dishes, LNB's or TV aerial cables  
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Commercial Goods
Multiswitches, earthing bars, quattro LNB's, filters etc.
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For reducing excess TV or satellite signals 
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Brackets & Poles 
Wall and patio mounted brackets for securing TV aerials and satellite dishes.
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h-h motorised mount

H-H Mount   
For Motorised dishes.
 Supports Up to 1.2m diameter dish, dish can also be moved externally via the motor controls.
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