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Sky Plus Receivers

Sky Plus Receivers (Also referred to as Sky +2 or PVR2)

These are for people wanting a lot more out of their Sky digibox. The Sky + box certainly does that, it incorporates an internal 80Gb hard disc which enables you to pause live TV or record one programme while watching another. You can even instruct the receiver to record episodes from your favourite series, all this without the use of videotapes. The onscreen menu is very easy to use, simply highlight the channel you wish to record and press the record button. It will automatically record at the time the programme starts, plus if you have instructed it to record several other programmes at different times it will record those as well.

The Sky plus box is complete with a 4 output LNB and new type remote control. The existing LNB at the end of the dish will need to be replaced and an additional satellite cable fitted from the dish to the receiver. This is very easy to install because there is no need to re-align the satellite dish, the old LNB slides off easily and the new Quad LNB (Supplied) is designed to slide back on.

Sky insist that the installation is carried out by a recognised fitter but the receiver can be purchased and installed by yourself. Some cable will be required for the additional cable run, we would suggest using BSKYB Approved cable  or CT63 twin cable.

For local installations we will gladly carry out this work, the prices vary considerably depending on the work involved and if Sky are running any new subscriber offers. 

If you already have a Sky digibox fitted, this can be moved to another room if required, please contact us on 01225 709941 for current install prices.

Apart from the monthly subscription prices, Sky used to charge the customers an additional £10.00 per month (Known as Sky Plus subscription), this has been scrapped providing you subscribe to a subscription package. For UK Multiroom customers (2 receivers in the same house) the £10.00 per month still applies for the second Cloned card.  

Sky Cards (Available from Sky)

How are the recording facilities activated?

The Sky Plus receiver will only operate as a normal Sky receiver until the card has been activated, (Telephone Sky on 08442 414141) once activated the Pause, Record, Playback features will then function. 

Sky will ask for the serial number of the box and the card number, they know that the card is being used in a Sky plus receiver, these receivers are intended for UK use only and can only be supplied to UK addresses. They will check for a UK telephone connection, however a £25 charge can now be paid to Sky to avoid the receiver being connected to a UK landline. They will also charge an extra £10 per month if you are not subscribing to a Sky subscription package and using the Sky Plus for the free channels only.


We receive many telephone calls every day from customers wishing to use their Sky Plus receiver abroad, we are Authorised Sky Agents and can only supply these receivers to the UK. 

BSkyB Sky+ : PTR Digital Home Gateway Specification

International Standards

DVB-compliant audio and video decoding MPEG2 video



Modem telephone line

Input from terrestrial via analogue RF.

RF Output to primary TV Set

RF Output to secondary location

Left and Right Audio Outputs


S Video

Optical Digital Audio Output

Second card reader on front panel for interactive applications

High Speed Data Port

IF inputs from twin LNBs


Hardware and Software Features

Sky Guide electronic programme guide

Enhanced RC including keys dedicated to time-shifted playback.


Two satellite FE (tuner/demod.)

Transport stream input processor (ASIC)

Internal hard disk drive (20hrs, 40GBytes)

MPEG 2 audio decoder

Dolby AC-3 output and Dolby Pro Logic output

Supports 'over air' download of new software into FLASH memory

256 colour OSD from palette of 16k colours

Parental lock


Conditional Access

NDS CA with integral smart card reader


V.90 PSTN Modem

Consumer Features

Pause Live TV

Record programmes in Digital Quality without Videotapes

Watch one digital channel while recording another

Automatically record every episode of your favourite program

Enjoy Dolby Digital compatible broadcasts

These receivers are by far the most advanced, user friendly recordable machines we have ever come across. If you see any on display in the high street shops have a peek! you will be impressed.

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