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Testing the Satellite signals

We have all seen the "Signal Strength" meter when you go into "Services" then "System Set Up". The signal strength indicator will work on most satellites and the signal quality meter will register only on a few satellites. They will not tell you that you are on the Sky digital satellite (Apart from going to the listings and seeing if the channels work) neither will they tell you that you are receiving all of the four Sky digital wavebands correctly. The indicators are based on an overall signal strength and quality.
Here is how to do it! The previous section "How do we receive the signals?" dealt with how they are transmitted, here is how you can test each of the four incoming signals. Go to "Services" press 0,1 then select this will take you to the installers menu, go to "Manual tuning". Enter the following information:

Frequency 10.862H, symbol rate 22000 (or 22.0), FEC 5/6 and press select. This is the low band horizontal channels which covers most of the Disney channels.
Now try 10.906V, 22000, 5/6 and press select. This is the low band vertical channels which at the moment is broadcasting some ITV variations, Grampian, Scottish ITV etc.
Now try 11.914H, 27500, 2/3. High band horizontal channels currently broadcasting Premier & Moviemax 2 & 3.
Now try 11.934V, 27500, 2/3. High band Vertical channels currently broadcasting Sky Sports 1,2 & 3.

This test will ensure that all four wavebands from the Sky digital satellite are being received OK. Note that the Network ID remains the same (Currently 0002), yet the transport stream will vary as alternative transponders are being selected from the satellte. The lock indicator should be on OK for all four signals. If you wish to view any of these channels, press the yellow button to store them and go to "Services" then "Other channels" where they can be selected.

A problem we have come across several times are where all channels can be received apart from the Disney package. This is usually where the LNB does not revert to the low band (or has a limited bandwidth) and instead remains permanently in the upper band. Replacing the LNB with another "Universal" LNB usually cures the problem, please also note that these lower band channels broadcast from Astra 2D satellite which has a narrow UK beam. The above test will clarify that the receiver and LNB are operating correctly. NB: We will be publishing the full channel listings soon.




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